Cedartown Library will be closing for renovations at the end of the month.

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Thanks to Georgia Public Library Services (GPLS), our library users now have access to two more family passes and one material kit.

Atlanta History Center: The Atlanta History Center encompasses 33 acres of curated Goizueta Gardens, four historic houses, varied programming, and a range of signature and temporary exhibitions. Library users can check out the Atlanta History Center Library Pass to receive six free admissions to the Center.

Shakespeare Tavern: The Family Theatre pass is a wonderful opportunity to discover theatre and Shakespeare. This pass is sure to delight those unfamiliar with Shakespeare or just enjoy a performance. Library users can check out the Pass to receive four free admissions to the Theatre.

Radon Kits from the Radon Project, part of the UGA Extension: Radon occurs naturally when uranium breaks down to form radon. Uranium is often found in high concentrations in granite rocky soils, as are common in northern Georgia counties. As radon is released into the soil, it can enter buildings through the foundation and well water, eventually building to dangerous levels. Radon is one of the leading causes of cancer in Georgia. Through our partnership with the UGA Extension, library users can check out a kit to test for radon in their homes. For more information about the Radon Project, visit the University of Georgia Extension website.

To see a complete list of our passes, or for more information, visit the Statewide Partner Passes page.