Meeting Spaces

The Sara Hightower Regional Library System has meeting rooms and areas available for public use at all of six branch libraries located within the system. The meeting rooms in all the libraries are for purposes consistent with the general objectives and goals of the system including the communication of ideas, enrichment of personal life and the general support of educational, cultural, and civic activities of the communities. Click here to view the statement of agreement.

  • All meetings and events held at the library must be open and free to the public. No admission fee is permitted.  
  • The meeting areas are provided as a public service, subject to rental fee and usage regulations established by the Sara Hightower Regional Library Board of Trustees.  
  • Any special requests for use of the facilities not listed in this policy shall be considered a special request and referred to the Library Director for appropriate action.

Adopted by the Sara Hightower Regional Board of Trustees 02/17/2022
Meeting Room Information
Reservations and Scheduling
Reservations for use of the meeting rooms may be made by contacting the staff member appointed to coordinate the meeting room(s) for each branch. The meeting room coordinator differs by branch.  

A reservation requires a contact person’s name, address, telephone number, and email address.  

A $75.00 deposit is required for all reservations and will be refunded to the contact person who makes the reservation. Upon inspection after the event by library staff, a refund will be issued based on the payment method received. Cash deposits will be refunded only by check mailed by the SHRLS Financial Office. All refunds will be processed through the SHRLS Administration Office located at 205 Riverside Parkway, Rome, GA 30161.   

The meeting areas are provided for non-profit, government, community, or civic organizations or groups when available–library activities take precedence over all other requests for reservations.

Meeting areas are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

Standing reservations are not permitted.

Organizations or individuals reserving a meeting room may not charge any fee for attendance, must accept any individual who wants to attend, can not accept any contribution from persons attending the event, or sell or promote any product or material.  

Publicity announcing the event or meeting may not carry the library logo, telephone number, or links to our websites or social media accounts.  

Priorities are given for organizations including:
  • Library and library sponsored events
  • Governmental agencies
  • Civic improvement organizations
  • Cultural and artistic groups
  • Schools, educational, and social welfare groups
Fees are charged for individuals or private parties who do not represent non-profit organizations or government agencies. Meeting room fees vary according to library branches within the system and may be changed at the discretion of the Sara Hightower Regional Library Board of Trustees.

The following fees have been established for the meeting rooms:
  • Rome-Floyd County Library:
    • Etowah or Oostanaula Rooms: $25.00/per half day (4 hours or less), $50.00 for entire day (up to 8 hours).
    • Coosa Room: $50.00/half day (4 hours or less), $100.00 for entire day (up to 8 hours).
    • Kitchen: $15.00
      • The kitchen area in the Rome-Floyd County Library is for use when food is brought into the library. The library does not supply any utensils, cookware, coffee dispensers, or supplies. The kitchen area must be cleaned thoroughly after the event by the responsible party. Library staff are not responsible for cleaning the kitchen or disposing of trash.
  • Rockmart, Cedartown, Cave Spring, Chattooga, and Trion Libraries
    • $25.00/per half day (4 hours or less), $50.00/entire day (up to 8 hours). No kitchen areas are available at these locations.
After-Hours Events
Events may be scheduled when the library is closed with the approval and permission of the Library Director.  

A library security guard must be present at the entire time of the event to secure the building during and after the event. The fee for a library security guard is $30.00 per hour and must be paid directly to them. A two hour minimum is required and if the event should exceed two hours, the library security guard will be paid in 30 minute increments.  
General Information
Chairs and tables are available for use at events and must be requested upon the room reservation. Setting up tables and chairs are the sole responsibility of the organization members reserving the meeting room. Library staff are not available to set up tables, chairs, or bring in items for events.  

Organization members or individuals who reserve the meeting rooms are responsible for taking down tables and chairs and returning the room to its original state. This must be done the day of the event and before leaving the library.  

Library staff are not responsible for collecting trash or cleaning the room after use. That is the sole responsibility of the organization members or individuals who have reserved the room. A cleaning fee will apply if the room is left unkempt, disorderly, or damaged (see “Fees” above). 

Audio-Visual equipment is available for use, and must be reserved upon the room request.  

Library staff are not responsible for conveying messages to event participants.  

No expendable supplies such as paper, pens, markers, or tape are not provided.

In the event of a building emergency or inclement weather, the meeting may be canceled by Library Administration. Library staff will make every effort to contact the organization or individual in the event of an emergency closing.  

No furniture, fixtures, or any items may be taken from the library for use in the meeting rooms. 

No items may be attached to the walls that will cause damage to the walls surface. 

No red or dark colored drinks will be allowed. 

No advance deliveries will be accepted by library staff for organizations using the meeting rooms.  

Attendance must not exceed room capacity. Each library branch has room capacity information available for their specific meeting rooms. Please be aware of attendance when making room reservations.  

The contact person for each meeting is responsible for ensuring that each member of the group is made aware and abides by these policies and restrictions.  

All local and state ordinances and codes must be observed and followed. 

No smoking, gambling, or consumption of alcoholic beverages or other illegal drugs shall be permitted in the meeting rooms.  
Library Liabilities
The Sara Hightower Regional Library Board of Trustees, its funding agencies, the branch libraries, nor any of its employees are responsible or liable for loss, theft, or damage incurred to vehicles, personal property, or rental property brought into the building or used on library properties.