Use one of our meeting rooms for your organization’s next meeting.

All of our meeting areas are available for public use and include multi-purpose rooms as well as library grounds. The library is a public facility. The meeting areas are provided as a public service, subject to rental fees and usage regulations established by the Regional Library Board of Trustees.

To reserve a meeting room please contact
Mandy Martin at (706) 236-4600 EXT. 4634

Guidelines for Using a Meeting Room

  • All meeting and events held at the library must be open to the public.
  • No admission fee is permitted.
  • Any special requests for use of the facilities not listed in these Guidelines shall be considered a “special request” and referred to the Library Director or Board of Trustees for appropriate action.
  • Meeting rooms closed 30 minutes before library closes.


  1. The meeting areas are provided for community or civic organizations or groups when available. Library activities take precedence over all other requests for bookings.
  2. Meeting areas are booked on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Bookings will not be made more than six (6) months in advance.
  4. Standing bookings cannot be made.
  5. The organization / group booking the meeting area
    • Can not charge any fee for attendance at the event
    • Can not accept any fee or contribution from persons attending the event and
    • Can not sell or promote any product or material in the library facility or on the library grounds.
    • FLAMMABLE MATERIALS ARE PROHIBITED (i.e. candles, incense, light strips, etc.)
  6. Meetings of large groups which may disturb or interfere with the general use of the library will not be booked.

Capacity of Meeting Areas

The capacity of each meeting area varies according to the style seat arrangement desired.

Coosa Room 100-125 people
Oostanaula Room 70 people
Etowah Room 30-35 people

Coosa Room 80-90 people
Oostanaula Room 30-40 people
Etowah Room 20-25 people


All meeting room fees can be paid with VISA/MasterCard/debit or cash. No checks will be accepted.
The following fees have been established for the meeting room / kitchen area:

Etowah or Oostanaula Rooms
$25.00 for ½ day (4 hours or less)
$50.00 for entire day (up to 8 hours)

Coosa Room
$50.00 for ½ day (4 hours or less)
$100.00 for entire day (up to 8 hours)

$15.00 – for use of the kitchen / or when food is brought into the library
NO RED OR DARK PUNCH may be served
NO TAPE OR PUSH PINS on or in the wall
The library does not furnish cooking utensils or coffeepot.

Janitorial Fee

Additional costs incurred for damages or cleaning beyond the normal limits to rooms and/or furnishings will be charged directly to the renter/user, and the user/renter will forfeit further use of these facilities.

Responsibility / Liability

  • Rental fees must be paid at least 24 hours before the scheduled event.
  • If a reservation must be cancelled, it must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled event or all fees will be forfeited.
  • Non-profit organizations must provide a copy of the organization’s 501(c)3 prior to the scheduled meeting to have the room rental fees waived.
  • Neither the Board of Trustees nor the Library Staff assume any responsibility for loss, theft or damage incurred to personal or rental property brought into the building or on the grounds.
  • Neither the Board of Trustees nor the Library Staff assume any liability for any injury to any person (persons) during the time the premises are used.
  • The Board of Trustees assumes no liability for vehicles or equipment on the library grounds.

Housekeeping Instructions

  1. No posted advertising is permitted on the building structure or on the grounds (without prior permission).
  2. The renter/user is responsible for setting up the meeting area for their event and for returning the room / kitchen to its original state.
  3. Multi-purpose room bookings includes, tables, chairs, heat or air conditioning and water facilities.
  4. FLAMMABLE MATERIALS ARE PROHIBITED (i.e. candles, incense, light strips, etc.)
  5. Inside use library chairs are not to be moved outside for any reason.
  6. The user is responsible for setting up for activities as desired.
  7. The user is responsible for any additional equipment needed not specified in number (3) above.
  8. The user is responsible for returning the premises to a neat and orderly condition.
  9. NO TAPE OR PUSH PINS on or in the wall.
  10. The user is responsible for folding and stacking all tables on the movable dollies in the storage room. Chairs are to be stacked in the storage room. THIS MUST BE DONE THE DAY OF THE EVENT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE LIBRARY!
  11. The meeting area must be cleaned before leaving the building. Food crumbs and spills must be removed from the floor. Trash must be placed in the trash cans.
  12. Everything brought into the building – (i.e. rented chairs, tablecloths, punch bowls, etc.) must be removed from the library the day of the event.
  13. Because kitchen facilities are limited, all food brought into the building must be prepared in advance. NO FOOD OR DRINK SHALL BE LEFT IN THE KITCHEN. All surfaces / counter tops and floors must be wiped clean.

General Information

  • Directions to the library are on the library website.
  • The library does not have a paging system. Library staff is not available to relay messages.
  • Any Audio Visual equipment needed for a meeting MUST BE CHECKED OUT ON A PATRON’S LIBRARY CARD at the Circulation desk during library hours. The user is responsible for the return of the equipment to the Circulation desk after the user’s meeting. It is the user’s responsibility to be sure the equipment is secure when in the multi-purpose rooms.
  • All state and local fire codes must be observed in addition to all other City Codes and Ordinances.

Amended 11/21/89
Amended 11/30/93
Amended 05/26/94
Amended 08/25/94
Amended 05/24/01
Guidelines Adopted 11/14/02
Guidelines Revised 7/11/05
Guidelines Revised 3/9/07
Guidelines Revised 11/23/10