Get a Library Card

Obtaining a library card is easy. You can fill out the application online via PINES. When you come to complete your application you’ll need to present your picture ID. See below for requirements.

Library Card Adult Cards

  • Picture ID with current address
  • Picture ID and mail with current address
  • Picture ID from GA State Patrol
  • Previous card on file
  • Non-resident taxpayer must have receipt of payment of property tax paid in Floyd or Polk County
  • Non-resident working in Floyd or Polk must have proof of employment
  • Replacement – $2.00
  • Damaged card – free

Youth Cards

  • Be 0-17 years of age
  • Be accompanied by parent(s)
  • Guardian(s) must take full responsibility for all materials youth checks out
  • Blank forms may be taken home (but parent must come back in with child and present identification or library card)

Non-Resident Cards

  • Picture ID with current address
  • Pay an annual $25 fee for library privileges (families may share one card)