Phone System RFP 2019

All questions received will be posted and answered below.

1. Out of the 40 phones, how many do you want to be cordless? Do you want 1 per location, or multiple at each location?
Prefer to have 4 wireless in Rome and 1 in each branch.
2. How many actual phone numbers would we need to port?
the block of 40 in Rome and 2 per branch 46 total.
3. Do you need the system to integrate with the elevator or security systems?
Rome Branch has two elevators that will be required to tie into the system for emergencies.
4. I’m working with **** and they actually don’t have a system to tie into the elevator.
Our current system has a cisco ata attached if you have a technician that can use that to tie in.
1. Is there a PRI being used for the Trunks?
2. Will backup Trunks be installed at the main site?
Depends on proposal
3. Will PoE switches be provided at the remote sites?
1 branch has them, others will require
4. Who will be responsible for the data cabling in Cedartown and Cave Springs?
New cabling is already going in this month.