Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Your Library Card

Why do I need a library card?
You must have a library in order to checkout books, videos, and music; research family history; and access one of our public computers.
How do I get a library card?
In order to obtain a library card you must 1) meet our guidelines and 2) complete the registration form. You may complete the registration form online via PINES or you may come to the library and complete the form there.
How much does a library card cost?
If you are a resident of Georgia your card is free. If you live outside of Georgia there is a $25 annual fee.
What if I lose my library card?
Please report lost or stolen cards to the library. Once reported we will give you a replacement card. Replacement cards cost $2.00
Do I have to show you my card to checkout?
Yes. In order to insure materials are not checked out to the wrong card we ask that you present your card each time you visit.

Borrowing / Renewing Materials

What items am I allowed to checkout/borrow?
You may borrow the following materials:

  • Books
  • DVD and VHS videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Slide projectors
  • Overhead projectors
  • Portable PA system
  • Audio cassette players
  • Screens
  • Easels
How many items may I checkout at one time?
  • 10 Compact Discs
  • 8 Books on Compact discs
  • 6 DVDs
  • 15 Videos
  • 5 Musical Scores
How long may I keep items checked out?
DVD’s and VHS videos are available for seven days with no renewals. Equipment (such as slide projectors, overhead projects, etc.) is available for the length of time you will use it with a maximum of one week. All other materials are available for two weeks with a maximum of two renewals for two weeks each.
How do I renew items?
You may renew items by calling your local branch or by visiting PINES.
Am I fined if my book is overdue?
Yes. Books, compact discs, books on compact discs and musical scores are fined .20 cents/day per item with a maximum of $5.00 per item. Equipment is fined $1.00 per day.

PINES Catalog

How do I use PINES?
In order to use PINES you must have a valid library card and log in to the PINES website using the information on the card.
I am having trouble searching/renewing materials on PINES. Can you help?
PINES is a third-party website therefore we are unable to help troubleshoot any issues. If you are experiencing problems we suggest reading their Frequently Asked Questions.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet Access)

What is wi-fi?
Wi-fi is another term for wireless Internet access.
Do I have to pay for using your Wi-Fi?
No. We provide the service free of charge.
How do I connect to your Wi-Fi?
In order to connect to the Wi-Fi you must have a wireless-enabled laptop, iPad, Kindle, mobile phone or other Internet-ready device. If you do, you should see our network shrlapnet listed under your Wi-Fi network settings.
Do I need an username or password to use Wi-Fi?
No. Our Wi-Fi is on an open network and is available to all patrons without need of a username or password.
Can you help me configure my computer?
Due to the differences in settings we cannot assist you in configuring your device.
Do you provide virus protection and security?
It is solely your responsibility to provide anti-virus protection to your computer. The library cannot and will not take responsibility for any damages incurred for incorrect, insufficient or incomplete security settings; or lack of adequate or up-to-date virus protection.
Can I print while using your wireless?
Printing is not available.