• Mandela inspired Ray-Ban art decried as opportunistic

    buy replica ray bans Cape Town – Art has always been a clairvoyant of unknown cities and places – forcing us to shift our perceptions, discover new ones or simply just enjoy life. Think Banksy, the often controversial pseudonymous English …..

  • Vintage style replica ray bans Clubmaster for A/W ‘15

    fake ray bans Ray-Ban has restyled one of its iconic sunglass designs as part of its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection: the Ray-Ban Clubmaster has been reproduced in natural wood for an authentic, vintage look. replica ray bans Combining ‘50s style charm …..

  • Fashion fake ray bans eyeware shifts optical industry

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  • Why buy fake Ray Ban sunglasses?

    The visible light range is between 400 nanometers and 750 nanometers. It is shorter than 400 nanometers for ultraviolet light and longer than 750 nanometers for infrared light. Here, tell everyone why street glasses can be bought for 3 yuan and 5 yuan. Those are basically three. No product, it is very harmful to the eyes. Of course, the more expensive the price, the stronger the UV blocking function. Expensive sunglasses are often expensive in its style design and brand. Consumers can choose the right brand of sunglasses according to their own preferences and budget.